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international certification

international certification
VMAX  home fitness equipment and JNB commercial exercise bike series, pay attention to ergonomic product design and rigorous quality control in the production of fitness equipment "exercise bike, elliptical machine, ... and many other products, won a number of international certification. 

German national standard certification mark -GS certification GS certification in Germany Product Safety Act (ProdSG) as the basis, the European market is Germany recognized safety certification mark. GS flag indicates to test the safety of use of the product has passed the credibility of an independent body. CE certification in the EU market "CE" mark is a mandatory certification mark, whether within the EU production of products, or the products of other countries, in order to free circulation in the EU market, it is necessary to add "CE" mark, to indicate that products meet the EU "technical coordination and standardization of new methods." 

After release formulation of ISO 13485, it is the European Union as a system management of medical equipment industry basis. Modern international community for product safety management, the main way to nothing more than the organization's quality management system requirements and product safety certification. Therefore the EU in managing medical equipment industry, they put medical devices CE certification and ISO 13485 combined, as the mode management medical equipment industry.

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